Oil has been a booming business for a long time, and it's no wonder that oil companies are constantly in need of highly qualified and experienced employees. For those in the transportation sector, finding employment in the oil industry provides plenty of excellent career opportunities. Here is a look at some of the most important transportation jobs among the oilfields and what those types of jobs entail.

Truck And Semi Drivers

Drivers of large semi trucks are responsible for moving important equipment, tools, and supplies to and from the job site. They may also be required to haul large, oversized loads across long distances. A pilot truck driver often accompanies the semi driver to help them safely navigate their way to the next location. In some cases, the semi driver may also be required to transport highly flammable or even explosive loads, so a background in proper safety procedures is a must. Their main goal is to make sure that everything arrives from one point to another in an efficient and safe manner.

Water Truck Drivers

Water is a very important resource in the oil industry. Since many oilfields are not located near areas with running water, a truck designed to hold high volumes of clean, potable water is required. These drivers will deliver water to worker's camps and must typically be able to drive to some very remote areas. Their job also includes locating good sources of water, delivering water to oil drills, and even maintaining the roads. The driver will need to help wet down gravel roads in order to minimize dust for other drivers. 

Drilling Rig Transport Drivers

This particular transport job may be one of the most important on the oilfields. The driver is responsible for the safe transportation of the oil rig to its next location. Drivers must know how to properly secure the rig to their truck as well as how to correctly unload it along with all of the rig components. Special training is needed for this position so that the driver understands the mechanics of oil rigs and knows how to correctly load and unload the oil rig accordingly. They should be prepared to drive long distances in remote areas.

Explosives Delivery Drivers

The oil industry uses explosives for many different applications. The job of an explosives delivery driver is to load and move explosive material in a safe, compliant manner. They're responsible for unloading the explosives as well as ensuring that all items are stored safely while on the job site. Drivers in this position must be up to date on all current regulations for the safe handling and transportation of explosives.

With the oil business in full swing, there are plenty of excellent opportunities for those who want a career in transportation. 

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