If your business uses a cone crusher as part of your construction equipment, here are three ways that you can increase its productivity.

#1 Keep The Choke Feed Cavity Level

The first thing that you need to do is keep the choke feed cavity level at a consistent level throughout the day while using the cone crusher. If you vary the choke feed cavity level throughout the day, the level of the product that you create will not be consistent. You will end up with a product shape that that varies throughout the day and is not consistent when you need it.

#2 Stop Trickle Feeding The Cone Crusher

Second, you need to make sure that the cone crusher is not being trickle feed throughout the day. There are numerous reasons why trickle feeding does not work. To start with, when you trickle feed the produce that is created from the cone crusher will not be uniform in shape. Next the productivity will not be up to par when you trickle feed the cone crusher. Finally, trickle feeding can actually harm the alignment of the bearing of your machine. It has a lot of adverse consequences on productivity and can harm the long-term use of your cone crusher.

#3 Watch How Feed Comes Into The Machine

Third, you need to watch how the feed goes into the machine. When the feed comes in, it should be focused so that the feed is focused on the center of the crusher. When the feed is centered in the crusher, it will be distributed evenly. If the feed is not centered, too much could go to one side or another, you are going to get particulars that are longer than needed and will require you to change cone setting in order to cut down the size of the particulars.

#4 Check Out How The Feed Is Created

Finally, you need to check out how the feed is created. You do not want the feed material to be separated into different sizes. Instead, the feed should be mixed together, so that all sizes of the feed are set up to be the same size. When the feed is segregated, the smaller stones tend to go to one side and the larger stones will go to another side, diminishing the type of product that is created. Mixing everything together is the best way to go.

You can increase the productivity of your cone crusher by implementing the three tips above and changing the way that you use the crusher.