Have you been thinking that your automotive business to a new city? Perhaps you feel that your current location is not bringing you the business that you need to succeed, or maybe you have just plain decided that you want to live and work in a different place. From helping your staff to make the move with you to arranging for relocation services, here are some ideas that might help you to make your plant relocation a smooth one: 

Your Staff - Of course, first you will need to determine how many of your workers will be making the move to a new city with you. Because of family obligations or for other reasons, even some of your most loyal employees may decide to stay behind. However, for those who also want to make the move, consider what you can do to help them.

For example, for your workers who have families, consider sending a small number of your employees to scout out neighborhoods in the new city that are kid-friendly and that have good schools. It might be helpful to even find a realtor who would show them around different neighborhoods.

Your Inventory - Moving automotive inventory can be kind of like moving a large household, except it's probably going to be on a much larger scale. Consider hiring a relocation service that has workers who are trained and who have experience in moving businesses similar to yours, like industrial and aerospace businesses. A relocation service not only has the expert personnel, but it has state-of-the-art equipment that will more than likely be needed to handle things like expensive machinery and heavy items that you use in your automotive business.

Start the move by getting all of your workers to pack up individual belongings in their work areas. Those belongings can be moved by the relocation service or by the company that will be moving things like furniture and other non-automotive items. The relocation service will dismantle large items and will crate them in a way that they will be well protected. They will also label things and then disassemble them upon arrival at your new location. It will be helpful for you to have charts and diagrams ready for the unpackers to use so things will be placed exactly where you want them.

The relocation service can continue to serve you in your new city. Will you need inventory control? If so, think about using the same company to maintain it even after you are well established in your new city.