The first time planning a project that will require the use of a crane might be overwhelming for some contractors. The use of heavy equipment in any project can pose a few challenges. When contractors do not own their own equipment, rentals are a viable solution. However, additional challenges might be faced if they do not have workers who know how to safely operate the equipment. Estimated project costs are common concerns, and it might be difficult to estimate rental costs. The following points can be used as a guideline to understand potential costs associated with crane rentals.

Crane Operator Needs

Contractors who do not have crane operator credentials or access to qualified workers will have to assess the costs associated with hiring crane operators. Using cranes on worksites requires competent operators who have the appropriate training and credentials. This improves site safety, and it can also help with productivity. Some crane operators are independent contractors and set their own rates. There are others who work for construction companies who decide the rate for jobs. Getting quotes from both sources is wise if there are budget concerns.

Type of Crane

The type of crane(s) needed to complete a project will affect cost. Some cranes are multifunctional and ideal for different types of jobs. It is a good idea to use a crane rental company as a resource to determine which cranes best fit a project. They can assist with planning the delivery of the cranes and ensuring that they are put in an area that aids in making the process of using them easier. Companies may charge different prices for different types of cranes. This is why it is a good idea to understand what cranes of interest can and cannot do. 

Size of Crane

The need for a larger crane may cost more than a smaller crane. This is often related to the larger crane being able to lift and perform more complex and laboring tasks. Its smaller version can do the same type of work on a smaller scale. It is best to get the correct-sized crane even though it may cost more. This ensures that the crane selected can handle the work demands of a project including weight lifting capacity.

Rental Term

Crane rentals can be necessary for one day or for an extended length of time. Renters should have their projects planned and also keep in mind contingency plans if a project has delays. The term of the rental is important because it will give the rental company an idea of when the equipment will be returned. Renters may be charged in hourly, daily, or monthly increments.